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Due to the ever changing nature of the pandemic, adjustments have been made to the Adult Ed. schedule.  Changes include cancelations, limited class sizes and wherever possible moving to online learning. Please check back regularly for updates or call for more information. 

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    Photography I

    What is the rule of thirds? Why are my images boring? Why does my friend take the same picture as I do and her picture looks better? Bring your camera to class and learn how to make a great image rather than simply take a photograph. We will focus on what constitutes a great image […]

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    Photography II

    In this workshop we will explore aperture, shutter speed and ISO and understand why they are so crucial in creating stunning images. Manual settings on a camera can unleash a new and exciting world of creativity and can help you in creating memorable art and unique photographic statements. learn howt o ttake photography to a […]

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    You will need to bring a DSLR with a flash (on camera is fine) to class for this exciting workshop in portraiture. We will explore studio lighting, and the various methods of setting up lighting scenarios. There will be strobes and flash units available and the class will fully participate in making their own portraits. […]

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